1. Click the link above. Follow the prompts to create your online portal. Do not forget to add your dog(s)! You can attach a photo of your dog after you add them to your profile by going to "edit pet" and then "upload photo". Proof of vaccinations from your vet are to be uploaded to "file uploads". You will not see a change in your dog's expiration dates until our front desk reviews the vaccinations uploaded. 
  2. Await a short time for an email. Once our front desk receives a notification that you have created a portal you will be sent an informational to fill out for us to get to know your dog! 
  3. Schedule a temperament test. This can be scheduled through your portal.
  4. If you have any questions you can email us at reservations@wooftang.com 
  5. Scheduling is fast and easy! Just log on and send us a request for service. Remember that each request is reviewed and a response based on availability will be emailed back at our earliest convince.

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Email: reservations@wooftang.com
Dog training inquiries: training@wooftang.com

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