Dog Training Programs 

We have a balanced and relationship based dog training program using various training tools proven to be effective when taught properly. We customize our programs to the needs of your dog and the personal concerns you have for your dog as well as professional observations made by our team.
We support and believe in the Mini Educator collar, prong collars, martengales, muzzle training-if necessary, etc. All of our methods are introduced and conditioned on a positive foundation using treats for luring, important bonding time, corrective and rewarding tone of voices, balanced pressure/stimulation training and playtime breaks during training. Your trainer will use some or all of these based on your dog’s individual needs, to assist in a more structured routine for you and your dog. 

Woof Tang also believes in a healthy balance of structure, obedience, love and allowing your dog to embrace their own personality as well as embracing what the specific breed was bred for.
BOTH human and dog can live a happier, healthier and convenient life together.
HALF of the payment is due upon booking for security and is NON-REFUNDABLE. The second half of the payment will be due upon check-in. We do not discount multiple dog homes.  


Board and Train Programs


Leash Manners, Recall and Public Exposure


2 Week minimum
This program is catered to behaviorally sound dogs with a fair obedience foundation. Evaluation is required to enroll into this particular program. Proper professional tools apply to this program.


Basic obedience


3 Week minimum
During our basic obedience program we focus on a dog/owner engagement, crate training, confidence building, mental stimulating exercises, manners, place and public outings. Manners consist of: “wait”, leash manners, basic commands, recall and off leash reliability-this is not subject to every dog and public exposure Every dog is different and learn at a different pace.


Puppy Raising


3 week minimum
Our puppy raising program begins as early as 8 weeks old and can go up to one year depending on the individual needs of the student. This program is approached with lots of fun, love and yummy treats! This is a purely positive based program focusing on fundamental puppy foundations while also focusing on socialization and environmental stability. This is a critical time to learn and have exposure. We condition owner-puppy engagement and practice lots of confidence with fun mentally stimulating exercises. Crate training and potty training are covered during this program.


Behavior modification


5 week minimum
Determined by the challenges expressed to Woof Tang, such as:
Dog reactivity/aggression
Human reactivity/aggression
Muzzle training needed
Severe and destructive anxiety


Behavior Modification (aggression/bite history)


8 week minimum
Determined by the challenges expressed to Woof Tang, such as:
Dog reactivity/aggression
Human reactivity/aggression
Muzzle training needed
Severe and destructive anxiety


Refresher Classes


1 week minimum
Prior board and train students ONLY.
In this class we follow the routine trained during the previous program your dog was apart of. We do not teach anything different other then what was trained prior. For new skills a full board and train should be booked.


Service Dog Training/Task Work Package


Our service dog training is a 5 week program with the break down listed:
6 week board and train- 3 weeks obedience and 2 weeks public access and task work.
1 week *owner and trainer* (1-2 times a week based upon both parties availability) training public access, task and scenario work.

Woof Tang specializes in various service work tasks. During our service dog training program we will train plenty of exposure, scenarios, task work, and public access.

Woof Tang is against any false declaration of a disability, in order to bring your dog “everywhere you go.” We value working dogs and encourage nothing more than a dog who is deemed a proper candidate for a job.

At any time that Woof Tang professionally comes to the conclusion that your dog is not a good candidate for the work and tasks desired your program will be turned into a 3 week board and train for obedience only and the remaining will be refunded to you with a $150 inconvenience fee. This would mean- handler aggression, leash reactivity that will not easily be trained against, severe anxiety (it is not healthy to put a dog who suffers from anxiety in daily stressful situations for your benefit). Your dog should be well rounded with a social foundation and motivated to work and please.

Listed below are requirements to enroll your dog into our service dog program.
-Must have a doctor's note stating you have a disability. This note does NOT need to state you are in need of a service dog.
-Your dog must come for an evaluation for approval. Evaluation will be $100 non refundable but can be applied to upcoming service if a proper candidate. 

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