Frequently asked questions

-Can I bring my dog's favorite toy or blanket?
Unfortunately, as a safety and sanitary measure, we do not accept anything for your dogs stay other then their food or any medications if needed. We do however, have blanket rentals for the stay as an add on service.

-Can I bring wet food or mix in food for my dog?
Absolutely! All we ask is for specific instructions written on the can or packaging. open wet food or mix in food will be properly stored in our refrigerators.

-My dog eats raw, can this be accommodated?
Yes! This can be accommodated. Please provide detailed instructions as well as packaging each meal individually. No bone permitted, for safety reasons.

-Can I pack my dog Rawhide?
No, we do not allow Rawhide as a safety measure.

- Can I send my dog with meals during daycare?
We do not feed any daycare dogs meals. Please make sure your dog has had breakfast prior to check in for daycare.

-Do you offer early or late drop off/pick ups?
If you suspect you will to arrive to the facility out of business hours, we ask that you communicate if we will be available for this service. This service is possible at a $25 fee, but may not always be available. This must be requested to consider approval.

- My dog does not get along with other dogs, can this be accommodated?
Yes! This can be accommodated. We can adjust playtime outings for our "solo dogs", however we do have a limit of solo dogs that we have inhouse at once.

-Can I schedule a grooming for my dog before check out?
Yes, however grooming appointments are required to be made during the booking process. We are high volume and grooming must be made ahead of time to accommodate.

-Why is your name "Woof Tang"?
Our name is inspired by a 90's Hip Hop Pioneer group called "Wu Tang Clan". When named a dog of ours after one of the artists in this group a friend of ours made a joke by calling us the "Woof Tang Clan". The name stuck all this time and we enjoyed the play on words!

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